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Salons, Spas & Barbershops Unite Against COVID-19

We need your help to find every Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Nail Tech, Barber, Massage Therapist, Microblader, Braider, and anyone who works at a salon or spa here in Michigan! Now with COVID 19, we are seeing that it is very important for each State to have each profession connected and united. We need to have email addresses and zip codes organized so we can help our industry get grants and information out to us more effectively… View More

Hand Sanitation & The New Normal In The Nail Industry

Throughout the nail industry, hand sanitation has always been a priority. However, in light of the COVID pandemic, our clients are going to be even more keenly aware of our hand sanitation process. As a technician, when I touch a client's hands, not only do my hands need to be thoroughly sanitized, but I need to be sure my clients are also. When a client enters any salon across Michigan technicians should be following these crucial… View More

Are You An Apprentice During COVID-19?

If you are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program through the State of Michigan during COVID-19 you may be wondering what is happening with your apprenticeship. The Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals has contacted a representative at LARA and has received the following information: As of May 1st, 2020… View More

MABP Featured on Southeast MI Radio Station, WHMI

WHMI reached out to MABP President, Kristan Sayers to see what the MABP was doing to help our Industry. The interview was on the local radio in southeast Michigan throughout the entire day. They talked about bringing the Industry together so we have a voice. We are doing everything we can to get the word out so the entire Barber, Salon, and Spa Industry can Unite in this state so we… View More

MABP Founder Speaks With Fox 2 Detroit About Safely Reopening Salons

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there was so much that changed overnight... MABP has received countless emails and questions that we did not have the answers to. Founder Kristan Sayers realized that each state was alone and that this industry had no communication with anyone in the government as a whole. We needed to come together, unite the barbershops, salons, and spas so that we… View More

What Are We Doing For You During This Crisis?

The Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals (MABP) was formed with a mission to help elevate the beauty industry in the State of Michigan. We knew there was a need for this type of organization at a state level but we never realized how much until the pandemic occurred. In the past nine weeks our members have increased by 200% and our committee has grown to 30 active participants. During this crisis we are… View More

How Beauty Professionals Can Stay Ahead Of COVID-19

Infection control has always come first and foremost in the beauty industry, long before the pandemic. Although most of us are confident that we can wash our hands, wear a mask and disinfect properly to stop the spread, we have to remember that some clients may still be uncertain about coming in to receive a service. We have to be there to reassure guests that we can work safely during times like these. Keeping up with the latest… View More

Barbers, It's Time to Unite!

Times are HARD. NO DOUBT!! As a barber and barbershop owner, I have had several months to sit and reflect. I can definitely relate to you during these times. Do I open up shop? Do I do house calls? Do I raise prices when we all get back to work? How do I change how I schedule my appts? What do I add to my process to meet guidelines? I get it, but never… View More

MABP's Guide to Safely Re-Open Michigan's Salons, Spas and Barbershops

We have released the MABP's recommendations to safely guide you once the beauty industry has been permitted to re-open. Note: no plans have yet been approved by the State of Michigan as of today. We are waiting on approval of a plan that was submitted to the Governor by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). As soon as… View More