MABP Founder Speaks With Fox 2 Detroit About Safely Reopening Salons

MABP & Founder Kristan Sayers interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit
MABP & Founder Kristan Sayers interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there was so much that changed overnight...

MABP has received countless emails and questions that we did not have the answers to. Founder Kristan Sayers realized that each state was alone and that this industry had no communication with anyone in the government as a whole. We needed to come together, unite the barbershops, salons, and spas so that we could collectively give any information we could get to one another. The sense of community and hope could help us not feel alone and terrified. Tari Krupinski felt the same way, and with some digging found Kristan. They had an instant connection, and got the MABP out of hibernation and started building a platform for Michigan! Their first task was to get the name out, and they sent over 15 press releases to various radio and news stations. You can watch one of the stories we were featured in below!

See President and Founder Kristan Sayers on Fox 2 Detroit telling the community how important it is to have everyone in the state join the MABP on the join form via the website. This unity will help bring all of us together, so during a crisis like this, we will already be a step ahead next time. We have many plans to elevate and show Michigan that we are here, proud to be in the Beauty Industry.

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About The Author: Kristan Sayers
Kristan Sayers, MABP Founder & President

Kristan has been a platform artist now for 13 years of her 15-year career. She has launched cutting, formal styling, and color courses throughout the US and Canada, while running K Bella Hair Studio and Spa in Brighton, MI with a team of 26 ladies and an Apprenticeship Program.

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