Hand Sanitation & The New Normal In The Nail Industry

Hand Sanitation & The New Normal In The Nail Industry
Hand Sanitation & The New Normal In The Nail Industry

Throughout the nail industry, hand sanitation has always been a priority. However, in light of the COVID pandemic, our clients are going to be even more keenly aware of our hand sanitation process.

As a technician, when I touch a client's hands, not only do my hands need to be thoroughly sanitized, but I need to be sure my clients are also. When a client enters any salon across Michigan technicians should be following these crucial steps before the start of the service:

  • Before the client begins to touch your sanitized workstation and products – have them sanitize their own hands with hand sanitizer.
  • The technician will also use sanitizer before applying a new set of gloves. It is the best practice to do in front of your client.
  • All products used and touched throughout service are set aside to be sanitized again before the next guest.
  • The client should avoid touching cell phones or personal items during the ceremony.
  • Upon completion of the service, the technician will dispose of all single-use items, wrap up tools to be appropriately disinfected and remove gloves in a covered trash container.
  • The technician will sanitize the hands, work area, and all supplies used to prepare for the next guest.

Reminder: This is about safety for the technician and client. Everything touched must be adequately sanitized every time.

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