Barbers, It's Time to Unite!

Barbers, It's Time to Unite!
Barbers, It's Time to Unite!

Times are HARD. NO DOUBT!!

As a barber and barbershop owner, I have had several months to sit and reflect. I can definitely relate to you during these times.

  • Do I open up shop?
  • Do I do house calls?
  • Do I raise prices when we all get back to work?
  • How do I change how I schedule my appts?
  • What do I add to my process to meet guidelines?

I get it, but never lose sight that Barbers are passionate. Barbers know how to hold a good conversation. Barbers make people feel good about themselves. Barbers are artists. This is our career. How we put food on the table for our families. The answer is clear. NOW is the time to UNITE. Now is the time to come together as barbers and grow our industry together. Let’s come together and discuss our challenges, our successes, and let’s do our part in leaving the industry better for future generations to come.


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About The Author: Manny Hernandez
Manny Hernandez

Manny studied cosmetology and barbering at Paul Mitchell The School Ogden located in Utah. He also received an instructor's license and became the school's educational leader. Manny found his passion in Barbering, so several years ago he created "The Adventure Barber" and "The Good Life Barber Lounge".

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