Stop the Deregulation of All Barbers & Cosmetologists in Michigan - Act Now!

Michigan Republican State Representatives are working to deregulate the Barber & Cosmetology Industries
Michigan Republican State Representatives are working to deregulate the Barber & Cosmetology Industries

Michigan Republican State Representatives are working to deregulate the Barber & Cosmetology Industries

On May 28th, 2020 Michigan Republican State Representatives Maddock, Johnson, Green, Wozniak, Reilly, Hornberger, Eisen, O'Malley, Meerman, Rendon, Bellino, and Markkanen referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform and introduced House Bill 5819, which states to abolish all regulation practices of Barbering and Cosmetology. If this were to pass it would allow anyone to practice barbering, cosmetology, manicuring, esthetics, electrology, and/or operate a cosmetology or barber school WITHOUT a license or ANY training and all Michigan Barber and Cosmetology licenses would no longer be valid or required.

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It is even more so now, during a global pandemic, that the health and safety of our clients - and communities - are best protected by educated, licensed professionals. This would be a disservice to the consumer and would put both parties at a high risk of infection and contagious diseases due to improper practical application and lack of knowledge in safety and sanitation. All unlicensed individuals would then be ineligible for liability and malpractice insurance. There will be no oversight for unlicensed services, so consumers would have no recourse for health and safety concerns or incidences. This would also be an insult to the licensed professionals and those currently enrolled in school, that have taken the time to receive an education that consists of Anatomy and Physiology of Hair, Skin, and Nails, Chemistry, Ecology, Trichology, and more.

At this time we are not even open because of health and safety reasons and licensing is a health and safety issue. We as an industry are already facing financial hardships being closed in Michigan for over 11 weeks now, and it is yet another insult to our profession during a time of crisis. Yesterday our governor told Michiganders to google how to do a haircut and practice being safe while getting services done in Ohio, instead of giving us hope and asking people to wait for us. This is unacceptable!

It is now time to organize by letting our voice be heard and maintaining awareness of this situation as this has not been the first attempt. We need all licensed professionals, future student professionals, manufacturing companies, and consumers to understand the importance of opposing HB 5819 by reaching out to let the House Committee on Regulatory Reform know why deregulation will only prove to harm our industry and our communities. We need to stand together and make phone calls, send emails, and be present to show your disdain for this bill.

We are working with the Professional Beauty Assocation to oppose this bill

Please click the following button, you'll be able to automatically email and call all of these representatives by simply filling out a form.

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You can also contact these legislators directly to let your voice be heard!

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