A License & Yearly Education - Two Things That Belong Together, Don't You Think?

A license and yearly education belong together
A license and yearly education belong together

What is the purpose of a license anymore? I find myself asking this question frequently.

Why do we, as beauty professionals, need a license in Michigan when anyone who completes school can keep their license indefinitely whether they are practicing or not? Currently, you are allowed to keep your license even if you do not continue with education, training, or even participating in the industry.

There are a plethora of chemicals and sharp objects that are used in salons, so precautionary measures need to be taken at all times. The only way to make sure these materials do not become harmful is to understand how to use them the correct way. Can you imagine what could happen if someone were to use certain dyes or equipment after being out of the industry for 15 years? They could do damage to a client's hair or more serious bodily harm.

Our craft is something we all take a lot of pride in and we must constantly work toward improving and staying up to date with the latest trends. With other professional careers, there are laws that require continuing education to ensure people are providing clientele with the best possible care. Beauty professionals should be no different than any other profession.

Not only can people keep their license without continuing their education, but they are also allowed all the benefits that come with it, even if they are not practicing. They are permitted to shop at our industry stores for the same discounts as those who are actually cutting hair and working with clients every day. This makes it harder for salon owners because it takes away from sales.

If you believe that continuing education and training should be required for those in the beauty industry, please sign the petition below so we can begin to move Michigan in a more positive direction:

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Michigan stylists, barbers, salon/shop owners, and clients have expressed concern about the lack of continuing education in the state of Michigan.

  • Professionals are spending their hard-earned money traveling across state lines to attend continuing education classes.
  • Educators are discouraged from providing CEU courses because it is not a requirement.
  • Salon owners notice that graduates are not prepared and need additional and consistent education.

State-mandated continuing education provides:

  • Opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills in several industry areas such as business and making professionals more marketable and hirable.
  • Consistent health and safety training
  • Peace of mind for clients and communities

Let's encourage our legislators to bring continuing education back for the Michigan beauty industry!

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