Why Join MABP?

Why Should You Join MABP?
Why Should You Join MABP?

Reasons why you should join the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals:

  • Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy – The Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals has an advocacy team who will represent the Associations' interests within the legislature, the Governor’s office, and LARA. As the industry continually changes, having a voice when changes in laws and regulations are proposed is critical. MABP has the TOP Lobbying firm in the State engaged and working for YOU.
  • Networking Opportunities – As the industry grows, so does the opportunity to connect with groups from all around the state. Whether it be workshops, networking, learning best practices, or even just chatting, the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals provides its members with the opportunity to connect with others in this diverse profession.
  • Education – With a diverse membership group, the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals provides its members with the opportunity to learn about their profession. Whether it be techniques or business, there are educational and developmental benefits to this membership.
  • Discounts – By becoming a member of the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals, all members have access to unique discounts that would otherwise be unavailable. Having a diverse background in the Beauty Professional world, members can get access to products at reduced costs from the connections provided by the Association.
  • All of these benefits can be utilized for just $75 for a single person or $199 per business for up to three members.
  • Regular Updates on changes to regulations.

Why should I invest in the MABP if it was free before?

Since its founding, MABP has worked to raise the bar in our industry. What started as a husband and wife team, has now evolved into a significant association within the beauty professional world. Unchanged from the start, MABP has been run by a dedicated, talented, and effective group of volunteers.

These committed leaders have done this work free of charge, fueled only by their passion to make the beauty industry in Michigan the best it can be.

When the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the beauty professional industry and completely shut it down, the MABP was a key voice for the beauty community in Michigan. They worked to answer questions, share resources, and advocate on the industries’ behalf. They even had a significant part in the planning and reopening of the industry, and that consistent advocacy has also kept our industry open.

By requiring a membership fee, the advocacy, representation, and benefits will quickly grow and put members at the forefront of public policy and industry regulation. This will ensure that our industry stays safe, informed, and businesses open.

The MABP is transitioning from a loose affiliation of salon owners and professionals to a legally formed, professionally run association that will help take the industry to the next level in the State of Michigan. This endeavor requires resources including revenues, leadership, volunteers, and professional association management support.

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A message from Kristan Sayers, MABP President:

When I started the MABP it was just my husband, Ben, and I. We knew that there was a need for this association, so we just went for it. 3 years after creating the association, COVID-19 shut the beauty industry down and we instantly saw the need to grow and expand into a legal entity to ensure we can do more to benefit us all. It quickly became too much work for just us and we started recruiting people. The Association grew and, with time, we have found the people we need to ensure that this momentum continues. We are so excited to see how far this association has come and we want to keep growing. To do that, we need to be able to fund the expansion, and that is where you can be a contributing member. We envision trade shows, networking events, contests, job postings to help with hiring, and much more. I am thrilled that my vision is starting to take hold and that we are making such great progress in the MABP. In Michigan, we have the opportunity to do so much together as a community and industry, so cheers to an exciting future

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