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Do You Have Questions About MABP?

Check out our FAQs for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Is there a cost to join MABP?

No, at this time it is free to join. As we grow we will have tiers of memberships that will give you opportunities and discounts at beauty stores and shows.

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Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, and please like our page at @mibeautypros. Here you can stay up to date with us and our blogs. Please feel free to share with any Beauty professionals in Michigan.

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How do I change my contact information with MABP?

Email us at and we will be happy to update all of your information.

Do I need to be licensed to join?

Yes, you do need a license to join our association. We believe that our industry is important and needs to be protected. We want to strengthen our licensing laws in order to help protect our members and their clients.

I own a Hair Salon, should I join MABP?

Yes, we are trying to create a community of everyone in Michigan that is involved in the beauty industry so we can all share important information. We would like to invite all the independent salon owners, multi-salon owners, salon managers, manufacturers, distributors, hairstylists/colorists, nail artists, estheticians, electrologists, permanent makeup artists, and barbers to join us on our mission.

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What is the MABP’s objective?

We want to enhance the beauty Industry in Michigan by partnering with charities, creating events to get more people involved, working with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to improve on policies in the state, creating seminars, and webinars for students and businesses to stay up to date with the latest news, and helping aid employment by matching employers to a pool of candidates, and truly Unite Michiganders to tackle any crisis or decision we face together.

How many hours are apprentices required to have in salons before touching clients?

350 hours.

Can I still mail in any renewal information to the state of Michigan?

The state of Michigan no longer accepts paper applications for Cosmetology Licenses. You must do it online now at

How can I join the MABP?

Sign up right here on our website at Also join our private Facebook group at

How often do I have to renew my cosmetology/Esthiology license?

Every 2 years.

What if I completely forgot to renew my license?

The state of Michigan gives you a 60 day grace period and you will have to pay a $20 late fee.

If I am licensed in another state, what do I need to do to get a license in Michigan?

You must submit an application for a Michigan license to work in a Michigan salon, use the link below to download the form.

Apply for a MI License

I want to open my own salon, do I need a different license to do so?

Yes! You will need to fill out the Application for a Cosmetology Establishment License online at The application will cost $75.00.

Apply for a Cosmetology Establishment License

I just moved to Michigan from another state that requires us to do CEU hours. Does the state of Michigan require them also?

No, but MABP is working on making CEU hours mandatory. Please join the petition at the link below.

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Is it legal to perform services from the Beauty Industry at home without a license?

No, it is not legal. Licensed cosmetologists aren't even supposed to do hair at home for example. You must have an Establishment License.

What is the best way to contact LARA?

Emailing them at is the fastest way to connect with them.

Is there a Natural Hair Cultivation licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes, please visit the link below to download the document from

MI Natural Hair Cultivation Licensing Guide

Is there a licensing guide for Electrology in the state of Michigan?

Yes, please visit the link below to download the document from

MI Licensing Guide

Is there an Apprenticeship licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes,you can download the document from at the link below:

Apprenticeship Licensing Guide

If a Cosmetologist or Esthetician apprentice quits or is terminated do you need to report it to the state of Michigan?

Yes, the state requires you to have it in writing.

We currently have an apprentice in our salon and are having trouble finding how to report hours online?

Here is a guide to show you how to upload apprentice timesheets:

How to Upload Apprentice Timesheets

Is there a Cosmetology licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes, you can download a Cosmetology licensing guide from at the link below:

Download a Cosmetology Licensing Guide

Where can I find the full list of Michigan Cosmetology laws, rules, and regulations?

You can download the full list of Michigan Cosmetology laws, rules, and regulations from at the link below:

Michigan Cosmetology Laws, Rules, and Regulations

How long is a cosmetology apprenticeship in Michigan?

A cosmetology apprenticeship in Michigan is a minimum of 1,920 hours. Cosmetology apprenticeships last 2 years.

How do you properly sanitize your shears after a haircut?

After each haircut, you should clean your sheers with soap and warm water and then place them in an immersion disinfectant for the proper contact time.

How many hours do you need to graduate cosmetology school in Michigan?

A minimum of 1,500 hours is required.

If I’m currently enrolled in cosmetology school, can I work on clients in a salon?

In the state of Michigan, you are able to only do shampoos in a salon if you are attending cosmetology school. The state does require the salon to have a written letter from the school you are attending on file before letting you do this service.

How do you become a hairstylist in Michigan?

You will need to complete Cosmetology school or a two-year apprenticeship.

Is there an Esthiology licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes, you can download an Esthiology licensing guide from at the link below:

Download Esthiology Licensing Guide

Do I need to be licensed to do lash extensions?

Yes, in the state of Michigan, you must have a cosmetology or esthetics license to perform lash extensions.

How many hours are required to graduate an Esthetician school in Michigan?

A minimum of 400 hours.

Do you have to be licensed to do makeup in a salon in Michigan?

Yes! You must have a Cosmetology or Esthetics license to do makeup in a salon in the state of Michigan.

Do you need to be licensed to do lash lifts and tints in a salon in Michigan?

Yes, in order to touch clients in a salon you must be licensed in Esthiology or Cosmetology.

Do you have to be licensed to do freelance makeup or makeup in retail stores in Michigan?


Can Estheticians/Cosmetologists perform Dermaplaning in a salon setting?

As of now there is not a solid yes or no answer. Although a popular service that is offered, there is still a gray area in our scope of practice for Dermaplaning. You can contact LARA and interpret their response as you please.

Can Estheticians/Cosmetologists perform Microdermabrasion in a salon?

The practice of microdermabrasion is limited to the direct supervision and control of a licensed physician. If a licensed cosmetologist is performing microdermabrasion services, they are practicing outside the scope of their licensed profession. Information and forms to register a complaint can be located on the Bureau of Professional Licensing's website or you can contact the bureau at 517-241-0199.

How do I receive the title of a “Medical” Esthetician in Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, there is technically no certification or schooling that gives you the Medical Esthetician title even with continued education and training. Estheticians can still work in the medical field such as medical spas and dermatologists.

Is there a Manicurist licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes, you can download a Cosmetology licensing guide from at the link below:

Download a Cosmetology Licensing Guide

How long is the manicurist apprenticeship in the state of Michigan?

The manicurist apprenticeship is a minimum of 480 hours and takes 6 months.

I'm a manicurist and was wondering if I'm able to properly sanitize my porous materials so that I can reuse them?

The state of Michigan requires porous materials such as boards/blocks/buffers, orangewood sticks, or pumice stones, to only be used one time unless it is marked by manufacturer sanitizable.

Is there a link for the Health Hazards in Nails Salons by MIOSHA?

Yes, you can download a document at the link below from

Health Hazards in Nails Salons

Do you have to be licensed to do permanent makeup or Microblading?

This is not governed under the rules and regulations of Cosmetology. Please contact the Communicable Disease Division of the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services for information regarding microblading at 517-335-8165 or email

If my salon offers microblading, do I need a separate license in the state of Michigan?

To perform any kind of “permanent” makeup in a salon, the salon must have a body art license.

Is there a Barbering licensing guide for the state of Michigan?

Yes, you can download a Cosmetology licensing guide from at the link below:

Download Cosmetology Licensing Guide

How long does it take to become a barber in Michigan?

You must comeplete 1,800 hours of coursework at a licensed barber college.

Can I use my barber license in another state?

No, every state has different licensing requirements to become a barber.

I have a license from another state, can I practice in Michigan?

Applicants who hold a barber license in another state, jurisdiction, or country for 1 out of 3 years immediately preceding the date of application may become licensed as a barber if the requirements for licensure in the other state, jurisdiction, or country are substantially equivalent to the requirements in Michigan. However, a license may be denied or limited if the applicant has been disciplined or disciplinary action is pending in another state, jurisdiction or country. Barbers who are currently licensed in another state or jurisdiction may apply for a Michigan license by reciprocity. Click here to download the Reciprocal (Out-of-State) Barber License Application. As an applicant coming from another state or jurisdiction, you may want to refer to the Michigan laws and rules.

How many hours are required for Massage Therapy school in Michigan?

At least 500 hours.

Do I need a license to work at a salon and perform massage?

Yes, you must be a licensed massage therapist.

Can I perform facials as a massage therapist?

Yes, as long as you are using massage techniques. You may not perform actually extractions or do any form of Esthiology.

What are the laws for dip nails?

On 11/18/2019 The Bureau of Professional Licensing issued a new requirement regarding the practice of powder dip manicures. As we face even tougher restrictions upon our return, safety and sanitation is of the utmost importance. Per the administration rules a jar of powder may only be used by “one” client. Per the new Administrative Rule 338.2178 (1) (b) now states “The licensee or owner of an establishment or school shall ensure all the following: Fluids and powders used on a patron are dispensed from a bottle or shaker-type dispenser”. Licensees should either dispense from the jar without the client's fingers going into the jar or have the clients dip in separate jars set up for each client. Any leftover dip should be discarded. It is suggested to remove the amount powder needed per service and any excess powder tapped off the clients fingers must be discarded and NOT dumped back into the jar to avoid cross contamination. Remember everything your client touches could contaminate the powder if individual fingers were placed directly into the powder. Please do your part to ensure the safety of every patron.

Where can I get updated training on proper disinfection for going back to work?

Barbicide offers an amazing course in which you can get “Barbicide Certified”. This course takes no more than an hour and will give you the proper refreshment on all things clean! Learn More at the link below.

Get Barbicide Certified

How do I know if my disinfectant kills COVID-19?

There are many disinfectants on the market, but yours must be labeled bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. EPA-registered disinfectants that kill the virus have not been labeled for SARS-CoV-2 virus just yet; however, those under the EPA’s List N can be used for SARS-CoV-2 disinfection. It is important to read your product label thoroughly. Contact the product company directly or check their website for updated COVID-19 information.

Barbicide SOM Coronavirus Info

How soon will Michigan beauty professionals go back to work post COVID-19?

As of right now, we do not know. The Michigan stay-at-home order was extended through June 12, 2020. Currently, there has been no specific date given to our beauty professionals regarding an opening date, though many reports indicate Phase 5 opening. If nothing changes, we legally can return June 13th.

Are masks going to be required when going back to work in salons?

Yes, masks are required to enter the majority of businesses in Michigan. Masks are so important for salons because of the close nature of the business.

Where can I find a “Back to Work” plan for Michigan beauty professionals?

Right now the MABP is working hard to create a back to work plan. Many companies such as Barbicide have put out back to work plans. Michigan does not have a specific back to work plan yet for the salon industry yet but the governor put this general plan out.

Michigan's 6 Stage Plan MABP's Recommended Guidelines

Where can I find PPE for my salon?

MABP has created a PPE Resource page to help you locate all the PPE and sanitiation supplies you might need:

PPE Resource Page

Where should I store my PPE?

Legally PPE must be stored in something that closes and is airtight same way towels and linens should be stored in salons.

Can PPE be reused?

Certain PPE, like single-use face masks, gloves and disposable face shields cannot be properly disinfected for reuse and will have to be replaced between clients. Check your PPE sources for guidelines.

What should be done if a salon worker tests positive for COVID-19?

Employers should follow guidelines set by state officials. In Michigan, the sick employee must be home for at least 3 days symptom free and at least 7 days since the symptoms first appeared.

If an employee shows up to work sounding sick can a manager or owner send them home?

Yes, if an employee shows up to work appearing sick or with a high temperature whoever is in charge must send them home.

Can my employer take my temperature when I arrive at the salon?

Yes, the EEOC states that legally an employer can take your temperature upon arriving to work. Many companies are required to take temperatures of every employee when they arrive.

If I am high risk can a salon owner or manager require me to work during the pandemic?

By law your employer is not required to accommodate you unless you explicitly request an accommodation. However, many employers are more than willing to accommodate based on your medical history or pre existing conditions.

As a salon owner, can you still hold a meeting regarding COVID-19?

Yes, however you still must maintain social distancing and limiting the number of employees in the salon or wherever you may choose to hold the meeting. Another option would be to use a video conferencing solution such as Zoom.

As an employee are you required to disclose if you have tested positive to COVID-19?

Yes, you should definitely tell your employer if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

What happens if you call in sick to an employer during this pandemic?

An employer is allowed to ask what symptoms you have had in order to assess if you possibly have COVID-19. Right now if you show any signs of sickness your employer most likely will have you stay home for 14 days and self quarantine.

Will I be able to go back to work at the salon if I have traveled?

Every salon is different. However, many salons and businesses are not allowing employees who have traveled out of state back to work for 14 days.

Someone I live with has coronavirus! Can I still work in a salon?

Consult with a doctor first but it is recommended that everyone in your house quarantines for two weeks.

Does a salon employer have to tell all employees if another employee has tested positive?

The employee must inform all other employees. It is illegal for a salon employer to disclose the name of an employee who has tested positive.

Should salon owners require an employee to show them a positive covid-19 test to get the proper time off?

No, tests are still limited and there is a delay in receiving test results.

Can a salon employer terminate an employee due to COVID-19?

No, that would be illegal.

Can you refuse service to a client that appears sick?

Yes, it is highly recommended to ask them to reschedule their appointment after they have been symptom-free for at least a week.

Can a salon sell curbside pickup products in Michigan before we legally open?

Yes. We encourage all beauty professioinals to work with their distributors and customers to offer curbside pickups.

Is there any financial help available for massage therapists in Michigan during COVID-19?

Massage therapists are eligible for unemployment through the state of Michigan. However, there are no specific grants or loans available for massage therapists. We did find this petition: COVID-19 Massage Therapist Financial Hardship Relief

Can a self employed beauty professional in Michigan receive unemployment benefits?

Yes, you can apply at this website:

Can I perform beauty services from home during COVID-19?

No, it is illegal and if reported, you will lose your license.

Once we go back to the work and lose unemployment, how can we make enough money to pay our bills?

We are with you on this, overhead is a big challenge. That is part of our mission, we are trying to find every resource possible. We have a long time before it will be business as usual so we are working hard to ensure the best steps moving forward! I think about that daily with my salon as well and hope to have more answers soon.

Should clients bring their own masks or should the business owner provide them?

To be more cost effective it is recommended to encourage your clients to bring their own masks. More than likely upon returning to work everyone will have to wear a mask to be in the building so business owners should have disposable masks available just in case a client does not have one.

How much time should I schedule in between each client for adequate sanitation time?

At least 15 minutes extra should be scheduled for sanitation. Many disinfectants require 10 minutes of contact time to be effective. You must clean before you disinfect. Disinfection between each client will be mandatory so make sure to give yourself more than enough time.

Will beauty professionals have a difficult time getting supplies during COVID-19?

Many suppliers do have an extended processing time but are still accepting orders. Make sure to plan accordingly so your order comes in on time.

Where can I find financial loans and grants for salon workers?

We are working everyday to find more and more financial help for salons and salon workers. What we have found so far is right here on our website:

MABP Gov. Financial Resources

Have our product companies and industry leaders created any programs to help us financially?

Many product/equipment companies, suppliers, and organizations have created scholarships and relief funds. Find a list of these resources on our webpage.

MABP Grants, Sweepstakes and Contests